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updated 2 November 2007         version beta

A new alpha is available @ dev_link.html

FilmCutter's development team is you
        comments get involved.

A new guide for this new interface is underconstruction @ edguide.html

Here is a peek at what I am refering to.

2.1 time line

You see FilmCutter's new time line where the scene list use to be (text list is still functional, right click the window for the popup menu).

The interface can
  • add scenes
  • delete scenes
  • insert scenes
  • load from project file
  • zoom in and out of the time line down to less than one frame and out to the limits to 32 bit math
  • scroll left or right
  • click to select and double click to edit
  • timeline scroll follows trackbar while viewing the project
  • switch between time line or text list
  • edit transistions
The interface can not.
  • move scenes
  • cut, copy, paste scenes along the timeline
  • apply transitions between all scenes, that is kind of a slide show tool
  • undo last operation


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