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updated 18 December 2007         version beta

Cancel shouldn't be that hard, but at the moment you have to complete the scene start and end frame selection or transition selection before cancel will enable.

I am hoping that the "Add" button will not challenge anyone either but I guess it won't hurt to comment about it.  Add, simply put, adds the scene you have selected by source file and start / end frames, effects or transitions to your project time-line or scene list.  Your selection will show in the window as either a list or as boxes and thumbnails below a frame ruler.

Element 1 & 2 Here you see the result of adding a scene and a dissolve to a project.  Note how the transition hangs below and overlaps the ending frames of the first element.  The next scene you add will overlap the transition completely leaving a transition tab hanging down.

So add a couple of more scenes.  Get the feel of it.

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